What Kind of Person Are You?

organic gardeningWhat kind of person are you?

And while your answering that, don’t worry yourself about distinguishing factors except whether or not you are a gardener.

Now, that you’ve decided which category you fall into, read on to learn a little about the differences between gardeners and . . . whatever they are.

Gardener or Non-Gardener?

Male and female? Black and white? Nope, it’s . . .

There are two kinds of people: gardeners and . . . um, well, whatever you call the others. They don’t seem to understand each other very well.

Last autumn, my friend Paul and I strolled through a well-manicured, upscale neighborhood near where he lives. I noticed all these workers tending lawns, raking leaves, and putting bags of grass and leaves at the curbsides. There are no compost piles here, I thought. Indeed, the houses were very grand, but the yards were very small. After a while, I mused aloud, “Why would anyone want to live here?” (Click here to read the original article.)

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that your answer to my question was “gardener.” But had you ever given much attention to how much that distinguishes you from non-gardeners? More than you may have thought, I’ll bet.

And it starts early: I remember as a child getting — and being excited about — tomato and pepper plants for my birthday. Years later, I was equally thrilled to get a garden spade.

What’s on your gift list? Do you plan vacations around the gardening season? And then do you plan them around garden tours?  When you think of new shoes, do you think of garden clogs? Did you long ago abandon any thought of manicures? Do you — as one fictional character I recall did — study seed catalogs at dinner parties?

Okay, you’re a gardener.

And you’re not alone.

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