Organic Pest Control for White Fly

organic pest control

What is more frustrating than spending time planting and tending a garden only to see it attacked by pests?

In my opinion, not much.

Well, as far as at least one pest — white fly — is concerned, there is an organic pest control that can not only prevent or rid your plants of the little invaders, but it will do it all while enriching your soil.

A Soil-Enriching, Organic Pest Control for White Fly

You always hear that healthy plants come from healthy soil and that healthy plants repel pests better, but you rarely hear of how specifically a method such as this worm-castings one can work.

And the idea of getting a two-for-one (dollar- and efforts-wise) solution like this makes it even better.

If you’ve used worm-castings to repel pests or have another organic pest control method you especially like, please post a comment and let us know about it. And if you learned something new from today’s post, please share it with your friends.


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