Gardening Tips: Kids, Dogs and Other Landscaping “Issues”

gardening tipsSeveral posts ago, I posted had an article that talked about what a good time winter is for evaluating your garden, a good time to look at its “bones.”

If you’ve done that recently and found your landscaping lacking, you may have made one of the four most common landscape design mistakes. You may have children and pets creating unwanted paths. Or perhaps you’re spending way too much time on your low-maintenance yard. Or maybe your yard just looks ugly.

In today’s article, by Maureen Gilmer for the Merced Sun-Star, you’ll find out what mistakes you may have made and how you can correct them.

“It just doesn’t feel right,” one woman said during a landscaping consult. “It’s almost like there’s a disconnect somewhere.” Another client pointed to trampled plants and asked, “Why can’t the kids stay on the walkway?” An exhausted retiree cried, “They’re supposed to be low maintenance but these things are so huge I have to shear them all the time!” But my favorite was a young mom gazing on a mid-season vegetable garden. “They didn’t tell me the plants would look so crummy. I want the really pretty gardens on Pinterest.”

If any of these statements rings true at your house, maybe it’s time for a change. . . . (Click here to read the original article.)

So, do any of the problems sound like your yard?

If so, don’t feel so bad. Landscaping is a science and art, and you probably weren’t trained in either aspect of it. What’s more, circumstances change, and they can have a major impact on your yard.

Now, while you have a clear view of  your landscaping, evaluate your situation and see what you can correct. And if you find yourself needing help, remember, professionals are trained for a reason: There’s no shame in seeking help.

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