Great Time-Saving Gardening Tips

gardening tipsWhen you garden, there seems to be one thing you always need more of: time. But since you can’t have more of that, how about some gardening tips that will save you a ton of time?

Maybe it’s just me, but the more garden I have, the more garden I want. Unfortunately, another thing I want — and also need if I have more garden — is more time, and . . . well, we all know about that. But today I was reading a post by Erica at Northwest Edible Life, and she seems to have found a few gardening tips that have helped her with the same dilemma.

5 Time-Saving Gardening Tips

Ah the simple life. Sounds so placid, doesn’t it? All those simple pleasures: home-grown food, warm earth between our toes, the cluck and baa and buzz of backyard animals, the happy smells of a kitchen much used.

So why does this simple life seem so freaking complex sometimes, huh? That’s the part no one talks about. How to find the time to squeeze “simple life” into “modern life.”

I have been on an active mission to cut down the amount of time I feel I “have to” garden without sacrificing the quantity or quality of the crops I’m growing. (Gardening on my own schedule and for the joy of it is always welcome!)

Making an ever-larger garden take ever-less time requires an interesting combination of practical and psychological changes. Here are the five biggest time savers I’ve embraced in my take-less-time garden. (Click here to read the original article.)

Isn’t common sense wonderful?

Some of these tips are probably no big surprise to you. We all know about the benefits of mulch, right?

But some of them are just what the obsessive gardeners among us need to hear. I do feel productive when I till, but now . . .  And I do want every single weed removed at the same time. And . . . it just goes on.

But no more. I’ll take a dose of common sense, and I’m sure my garden will be just as pretty and just as productive. Oh, yes, and bigger.

What about you? What do you spend the most time on in the garden? What would you rather do with that time?  Do some of these gardening tips make sense to you?

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