Gardening Tips for Making Your Own Seed Starter

gardening tipsYesterday, I posted on starting your seedlings, and for once I hope you didn’t run right out and get started. Because today, over at Organic Gardening magazine, I found some gardening tips for making your own seed-starting mix.

It’s quick and easy and involves no exotic ingredients that will require a search.


Gardening Tips for a Seed-Starter Mix

April Johnson, landscape and greenhouse coordinator at the Rodale Institute near Kutztown, Pennsylvania, grows literally thousands of organic vegetable, flower, and herb transplants every year. Many of her seedlings end up in the Institute’s production and display gardens; others are sold to local gardeners at two spring fundraisers. After many years of experimenting with recipes for indoor seed-starting mixes, Johnson has settled on this general formula. (Click here for the original article at Organic Gardening.)

It really is an easy recipe, so there’s no excuse for not giving your seedlings the best start they can get.

By the way, in yesterday’s post, you may have noticed the planters and pots that were used for the seedlings. Those are great and, of course, there are lots of DIY ways to make starter pots for your seeds, but yesterday I got the new Gardener’s Supply catalog, and they really do have a great selection of pots, furniture (e.g., shelving), and lights for seed starting. So, if you want to save yourself some time or are just interested in taking a look at what they have, here’s the link Shop Green at Gardener’s!*


*Please note that this is an affiliate link. If you purchase anything through this link, you pay the regular price, but I do receive a small commission. Commissions are used to support the blog . . . and buy pet supplies.


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