Gardening How To: Support Tomatoes

support tomatoesSome of my tomato plants are still sort of munchkin sized (I’m not sure why), but the others . . . Well, it’s sort of staggering how fast those things can grow. And, although I’ve got those cages they sell everywhere set up to support them, they just aren’t really up to the job.

So, that led me to look into some different ways to support tomatoes, and I found  two very different methods, complete with video instructions.

Method 1: Super Cage

Yes, those cages are pretty impressive, and I love the way they fold up for storage.

But maybe these aren’t for you. Maybe you have too many plants to make cages for. Maybe those cages just look like too much trouble. Whatever reason: Don’t worry. The second video will show you an easier, traditional method for supporting your tomatoes.

Method 2: Simple Staking

Really simple, right? Who can’t stick a stake in the ground and run some string around it.

So, if those little round, store-bought cages aren’t working for you, I hope one of these methods will.

Now, I have just have to decide which will work for me.

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