Front Yard Garden Tour

front yard gardenYesterday, it was too hot to be outside much to garden, so I provided some reading material for you. Today, it’s raining so I thought you might enjoy a  tour — from the comfort of your own home, of course — of a front yard garden.

Front yard gardens have been in the news for some time now, and I’m sure you’ve seen the stories of homeowners facing fines and the wrath of their HOAs because of them. But despite all the buzz, I don’t find them that widespread yet. In fact, I’ve never actually seen one!

Have you?

So, how about a tour of one young couple’s suburban front yard garden to see what’s going on.

This is definitely not a homeowner tossing some radish seeds into a flower bed. You can see how much work has gone into building and planting this garden. And you can see how productive the result it. The whole thing is pretty impressive.

But, now, for the big question: How would you feel about a front yard garden like this in your neighborhood? Are you a live-and-let-live neighbor/gardener who sees nothing but benefits in someone raising their own food or can you envision your property’s value dropping with the addition of each raised bed?

Post a comment and let us know? And pass this post along to your friends so they can give their “vote” on this, too,



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