DIY Organic Disease and Pest Control

organic disease and pest controlIf there’s one thing (okay, two things) that will thumb its (their) nose at all of your hard work and demolish the beauty of your garden, it’s diseases and pests.  But you’re an organic gardener, and you won’t just go pick up a chemical arsenal at the big box store. You want organic disease and pest control.

Well, today’s post is here to help.

I’ve posted  about organic disease and pest controls before, but today’s article has 15 of them for you. And, yes, I’m sure that some of you have seen some of these recipes before, but those of you who haven’t need to, and I’ll bet the rest of you can find something new.

Cheap, Homemade, Organic Disease and Pest Control

Back when I started my first garden, a certain celebrity gardener and his books of gardening concoctions were all the rage. You could tell when it was fundraising time on our local PBS station because they’d have him live in the studio, telling us that all we had to do was use items such as baby shampoo, instant tea, and whiskey, and we’d be able to grow our best garden ever. Those claims seemed pretty far-fetched to me back then, and now that I know a little more, I know that several of those concoctions were either just plain bad ideas or that one item in his recipe was the one that was actually doing the work while the rest were either unnecessary or possibly harmful to plants, insects and other soil-dwelling organisms. So please know that my b.s. radar is at high alert when I see anything about homemade gardening sprays and the like. With that in mind, here are 15 homemade, organic solutions for garden problems. I use them, and they work. And not one of them requires you to pour whiskey on your plants. (Click here to read the original article.)

There you go: Fifteen cheap and cheerful solutions (no pun intended) to a plethora of garden problems. I hope that somewhere in that list of organic disease and pest control recipes, you found just the one you need.

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